We have partnered with a village in Turkey to bring you a luxurious and high quality Turkish towel.


All of our Pestemal are hand crafted by villagers in Babadag.

The Pestemal Heavy is great for use at home as a bath towel. It dries quickly and soaks up water like nothing.

The Pestemal Light is great for use on the go. It's super packable and lightweight and can be used in a lot of situations



    What is Pestemal? - The Definitive Answer

    September 12, 2014

    If you try to google "Pestemal" you'll undoubtedly be confronted with a slew of web pages with titles like  HAMMAM TURKISH PESTEMAL PESHTEMAL FOUTA.  For those of us that don't understand what all these words mean, this can be pretty intimidating. Hopefully our visitors will appreciate our down-to-earth clear cut explanation of what Pestemal is and isn't.  A pestemal towel is a traditional Turkish towel, primarily used in Turkish Baths and Turkish homes.    The reason a Turkish pestemal is special, and different from the towels you are used to is two-fold. 1) It's made with high quality Turkish cotton, which is known for being great for textiles such as towels. This is because the cotton is not too soft and plushy, and won't absorb too much water.... Continue Reading →


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