Our Pestemal

All of our Pestemal are hand crafted by villagers in Babadag.

The Pestemal Heavy is great for use at home as a bath towel. It dries quickly and is the perfect balance of absorbent yet fast-drying. This towel was created by us as a modern variant of the Pestemal Towel. It has 2 layers, 1 100% Turkish cotton layer and one traditional pestemal. It's a modern twist on an ancient tradition.

The Pestemal Light is great for use on the go. It's super packable and lightweight and can be used in a lot of situations This towel is the traditional pestemal. It is unchanged and represents the classic Turkish pestemal towel.


Turkish Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton - Which Is Better?

September 24, 2014

So you're looking to buy yourself a nice new bath towel set. Great! One of the first things you must decide is what kind do you want?  The textile market is utterly saturated with different companies marketing different terms to try to trick uneducated consumers. Is Pima cotton really the best cotton in the world (psst. the answer is no.) But what about Turkish towels vs Egyptian towels. Is there a difference in the quality in the two? A resounding YES is the answer! Generally, if you think of luxury textiles, you probably think of the luscious, soft, Egyptian cotton. And who can blame you? Everyone knows that Egyptian cotton is the best in the world.  But is it? The answer... Continue Reading →


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