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Turkish Pestemal & Turkish Towels.

What Is A Turkish Pestemal Towel?

A pestemal or peshtamal (pesh-te-mahl) is an authentic Turkish towel. It is flat-woven with a hand-tied fringe, generally made with Turkish cotton. Pestemal are colorful, fast drying, absorbent and an essential element of the Turkish bath experience. Pestemal are used as towels, decorative throws and packable travel towels.
  • Much can be said on the topic of bath towels. What should a bath towel look and feel like anyway? Should it be soft? Durable? Should it dry quickly? Be elegant?

    The Pestemal Bath towel throws such speculations out of the bathroom window, because it combines everything.

    It’s the ultimate bath towel you’ve been looking for all your life. It absorbs water better than any of your previous towels, it dries quickly, it’s soft and it has the style you deserve (yes, even when you’re soaking wet and barefoot!)

    Striking the balance between traditional Pestemal and traditional cotton towels, Pestemal Bath is a functional, durable hybrid that will become part of your everyday bathing life.

    As a finishing touch, you can count on Pestemal Bath to be 100% authentic and handmade. Just scroll down to see the amazing process of how crafty artisans pick the best Turkish cotton and create this towel.

  • Are you high on adventure and backpacking? Is walking the thrilling edge of adrenaline-pumped lifestyle your definition of living?

    Good news: you’ve met a towel fit to your craziness. Our Pestemal Active towel is a comfy and versatile sidekick, ready to join you on  your next journey. Light as a feather and easily packable, this beach towel is an accessory you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

    Plus, it’s totally authentic and comes from the distant lands of Babadag, land of 100% genuine artisans and craftsmen. Scroll down to learn more about where your partner-in-boldness came from.

    The story of how Pestemal Active is made is as thrilling as your next trip, we guarantee that!

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